How to Use a Glass Nail File

Glass nail files were invented in 1997 in the Czech Republic, with a new technology using hardened Bohemian glass.

Less than 20 years after they were invented, glass nail files became the choice of many leading nail professionals and fine beauty retailers such as Zamberg. For the better part of the last decade, we have been touting the benefits of crystal glass nail files over any other files, and have been proud to be the first online retailer to feature the entire Germanikure crystal glass nail file line. We love the Germanikure line because the company has never wavered on the glass file manufacturing process as it was intended. To this day, their line continues to be produced in the Czech Republic using the finest, hardest Bohemian glass.

The benefits of crystal glass nail files, and the reasons why we believe these are the best glass nail files, are many. Let's talk about a few reasons why to use a glass nail file here, and also review the proper way to use them.

❗️ Durability.

As mentioned above, these glass files are made from high quality Bohemian glass and produced in the Czech Republic. The glass is a full 3mm thick, making them highly durable and hard to break.

Part of the durability factor is that the files are chemically etched, with no abrasives sprayed on or glued to the surface. This means they will never lose texture and will remain effective for decades. This also means they will not end up in landfills, like most other files.

Glass nail files are also easy to clean. In most cases, soap and water is sufficient to clean glass nail files. A light scrub brush can help remove any nail debris from the file. The files can also be safely sanitized with a number of methods including anti-septic spray, Barbicide, or even in your dishwasher.

These files are actually GOOD for your nails.

The patented, chemical etching technique mentioned above, creates a truly uniform surface. Instead of chipping or gouging nails like many other files, the etched glass file seals your nails, making your nails healthier and less brittle over time!

❗️ Glass nail files also offer flexibility.

Unlike many files, crystal glass nail files are omni-directional, meaning they can be used in any direction. New users to glass sometimes need a “break-in” period for this process, since so many are used to have to file in one direction to avoid breaking or damaging nails. The glass nail files can also be used wet or dry, can be used to safely file down calloused areas of the skin, and are fully sterilizable which makes them perfect for nail professionals in salons.

Where can you purchase glass nail files?

Zamberg proudly offers the complete Germanikure catalog, which we believe to be the best glass nail files available. Along with the original, standard nail file, we also offer other Germanikure glass files including the award-winning glass manicure stick, the glass pedicure bar for feet, and their patented Sungienic glass files which sterilize within one hour of direct sunlight. The link to all these great crystal glass files is below.

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