Is your nail clipper a fake?

With nail clippers, you truly get what you pay for.

Part of that get-what-pay-for philosophy is about the steel. Steel matters a great deal when choosing a quality steel tool. Nail clippers are no different. For nail clippers to cut nails, and not crush them, the blades must be super sharp at every cut. Along with dull cuts, the other issue most people have with clippers is that they fall apart after a short time of using.

Good clippers are made of super hard steel, and are hand-fastened with a pin-and-post. Never a hook. On cheap nail clippers, hooks fall apart as fast as the blades dull.

To better illustrate, let's take a “pseudo-visual” tour of two nail clippers.

In our hands, we have a pair of quality nail clippers made by GERMANIKURE (sold on, and a pair of clippers NOT sold at Zamberg (but a big brand name sold at every major retailer, both online and brick and mortar – let's call them the “imitation clippers”). This tour will explain better what to look for when buying nail clippers, and avoiding fakes.

Imitation is not always flattering.

To secure the two clipper jaws together, the GERMANIKURE clipper uses a machined rivet, imported from the Swiss clockwork industry for precision. The rivet is shipped to Germany where a skilled artisan assembles the jaws by hand.

The imitation clippers have a rivet-looking ball where the rivet should be, but it's just a fake ball. The side view shows the ball's top and bottom do not even line up. It's fake! We shudder to think how these imitations are even fastened.

Cheap, thin steel vs. high carbon stainless steel

That side view shows more than just the fake ball. It also shows the super thin steel the imitation is made of. The GERMANIKURE steel is easily 2x thicker. The cheap steel on the imitation is also unfinished, and looks like an absolute mess. The construction is so bad on the imitation that the cheap steel blades appear crushed already from colliding with one another. It would be useless to sharpen them because the steel is too thin and cheap to withstand sharpening.

The precision and hand-assembly of the GERMANIKURE clipper ensures the hard, hand sharp blades. And, what a nice sight the polished steel and strong pin-and-post are to look at.


Remember, you get what you pay for.

The mass-produced imitation we looked at above are available for about half the price of a quality nail clipper. It sounds like a big cost savings, but when you have to replace them after a couple of uses, then again, and again, pretty soon the savings would have been if you had chosen quality to begin with. GERMANIKURE is only one of the fine brands we offer at Zamberg. We have high quality, affordable nail clippers that can fit into every budget, and every personal feature choice. But please trust us on this one, and stay away from the cheap imitation clippers. It will be good for your nails, and your wallet.

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