Manicure set tool names and their uses

How many times have you seen a tool set, in any discipline, and wondered to yourself, “what the heck are all those tools used for, and why are there so many?” Perhaps you came across a tool kit simply needing a screwdriver, and saw tools that you had no idea even existed. Chances are, you will need to use those “nameless” tools sometime in your life, and they likely hold a high degree of importance.

The wonders of a tool kit most definitely resonates with tools found in a manicure set. When we talk about typical manicure sets, we usually find between two and eight pieces, with the average around 5. Larger, more comprehensive, sets may contain as many as 13 pieces as offered here at Zamberg. Let's do a slightly deeper dive here and look at some of the primary tools contained in a manicure set, and mention even some “outlier” tools. For this discussion, we will break tools down into the A, B, and C lists, with A list the most common manicure tools set, B the next ones, and C a bit more of the outliers. 

The A List

Glass Nail File - We love, and encourage, everyone to try glass nail files. Zamberg is proud to feature the entire GERmanikure crystal glass nail file line. These glass files are made from high quality Bohemian glass and produced in the Czech Republic. The benefits of crystal glass nail files are many. They are highly durable and hard to break, functional, sterilizable, and you will be able to use them in any direction. They can be used wet or dry, and even make your nails healthier by “sealing” nails whereas outdated files with sandpaper glued to them rip your nails. Glass nail files last for decades.

Glass Nail File

Nail Scissors or Clippers - Nail Scissors come in many shapes, sizes, and price points, based on your actual needs. Over the past few years, Nail Scissors have made an amazing comeback, where they have passed nail clippers at least in professional nail circles. Nail scissors are the healthier and more durable option than clippers as they cut rather than risk crushing your nail. They offer world-class, technologically advanced products that feature self-sharpening and composition from the hardest high carbon stainless steel on the market. Advanced ergonomics make them even healthier than in the past.

Nail Scissors

Nail Clippers are still, most certainly, the choice of everyday nail enthusiasts due mostly to their simplicity of use. Zamberg offers many great choices to minimize dullness and nail crushing. Make sure your clipper choice is made from high carbon stainless steel, is not held together by clips or hooks (look for a pin-and-post assembly), and never buy a mass-produced nail clipper that will break apart and dull as soon as a second use.

Glass Manicure Stick - GERmanikure's Glass Manicure Stick should now be an essential element in everyone's manicure tool kit. While Zamberg was one of the first distributors to offer this product, the world also took notice when the glass stick was awarded a “Best Product of 2020” honor by Health Magazine. This tool is a bona fide game changer, providing the healthiest and safest cuticle care on the market. The two tips allow for pushing back cuticles, cleaning under the nail, and exfoliating dead cuticle tissue. It even files hangnails, smooths calluses, and removes excess nail polish. It cleans easily with soap and water, and is fully sterilizable.

GERMANIKURE's Crystal Glass Manicure Stick and Cuticle Pusher

Cuticle Nippers - Outside of, perhaps, nail clippers, there are more fake and poor quality cuticle nippers online at Amazon and other outlets than any other manicure product. Using any cuticle nippers other than high quality ones like offered by Zamberg can be dangerous. Cuticle nippers work well in tandem with glass manicure sticks to gently and precisely snip away just the tiny overgrowth of the cuticles. The tapered off, narrow shape of the blades is made especially to get into those tight spots where dead skin sometimes hides and at the same time remove just the needed amount, without cutting off live skin or causing damage.

Cuticle Nippers

Tweezers - Tweezers are often included in manicure sets and kits, for their use in carefully and gently removing splinters and helping to separate and lift hangnails, which are hardened, dead pieces of skin and cuticles that sometimes hide in the hollow on the sides of the nails. These precise tasks require fine, well aligned tips, and tweezers are one of the easiest and cheapest beauty tools to buy at any discount store or website. Cheap tweezers will bend and gap open as early as the first use. Make sure to choose tweezers made with extra hard steel to avoid potential health issues. Zamberg offers these with various grips, and affordable prices.

Eyebrow Tweezers

The B List

Steel Nail File – While we highly recommend crystal glass nail files, some people still prefer more traditional files. The best alternative to glass files are heirloom quality triple-cut nail files made of high carbon stainless steel with double-sided grooves and textures.

Stainless Steel Nail File

Glass Pedicure Bar – This is an A list manicure set tool if you plan to also do pedicures. One side is more coarse to remove tough calluses, and the other side smooths calluses and skin, and can also smooth and finish off toenails.

Crystal Glass Nail File Set with Moon File Manicure Stick and Pedicure Bar

Toenail Clippers – Much like glass pedicure bars, a specialized toenail clipper is an essential pedicure tool to cut thicker, stronger toenails. Toenail clippers are made of very hard steel, like high carbon (surgical) stainless steel, have a wider blade, longer handle, and should be fastened with a pin-and-post, never with a clip.

Stainless Steel Toenail clippers

The C List 

Cuticle Pushers – Cuticle Pushers push back cuticles and nail bed skin to prevent overgrowth and hangnails which helps keep cuticles neat and healthy, and clean out dirt and dead skin from the nail bed.

Glass Cuticle Pusher

Nail Cleaners - Nail Cleaners remove the dirt that gathers under the nail, and can also help clean between the nail and cuticle. Most nail cleaners have a triangular-rounded tip to ensure minimal damage or scraping of the under nail, and to avoid any cuts that could infect.

Stainless Steel Nail Cleaner

Beard/Mustache Scissors – These highly specialized scissors feature straighter blades for greater precision in cutting and trimming facial hair. 

Mustache & Beard Scissors

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