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Comedone Extractor is a very fine tool (an implement) with a circular head that has a hole in the middle used to extract blackheads, also known as comedones. In their basic form, comedones are the oil, dead skin cells and dirt that clogs the pores on the skin and as overtime the oil oxidizes it turns black and hardens, hence the name blackheads. Besides affecting the appearance of the skin these clogs could stretch the pores out and become infected. When blackheads are left untreated and become infected they fill in with puss, permanently stretch out pores and turn white. Though the best thing is to prevent blackheads from ever forming to prevent them from getting infected and causing more damage to the skin it is best to clear them out by extraction.

Extracting comedones must be done very gently and with extreme care as not to cause more damage to already sensitive skin, the clog must be taken out completely and cleanly, so that the infection doesn't continue to grow and stretch the pore out eve more, cause scarring or develop into a large sore. So if you've never extracted blackheads before it is better to get a professional cosmetologist or a dermatologist to perform this procedure. When blackheads get infected seek professional help in removing them, especially when they break open. To avoid any complications and to be sure that the instrument used is clean, sterilized and of highest quality of material and craftsmanship you should bring your own extractor to be used during the procedure.

During the procedure the blackhead is removed from the skin that has been softened by applying steam (or a hot towel) to the affected area or taking a hot shower. The circular portion of the extractor is centered over the comedone, and then it is extremely gently pushed down on the skin around the clog. The pressure causes the clog to pop out through the central hole. Before and after the procedure the area must be disinfected and don't forget to apply antiseptic soothing cream to prevent any further infection in the open pore. In addition after the extraction don't forget to wash the skin on a regular basis with a very mild soap, specially formulated for your skin type, and apply scrubs and masks week. It is also advisable to use a makeup that is not oil-based and even better if it is specifically labeled as non-comedogenic.

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