Stainless steel vs plated tools

Stainless Steel vs High Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel vs High Carbon Steel Steel is one of the most durable of materials, but differences in production process create some distinction. It might seem that metal is and especially steel is strong enough to withstand working with much softer cuticles and nails, however durability of the steel used is important not only because your tools get dull with use, and the more durable the material the longer it'll last you even if it is re-sharpened a few times but also because more durable materials allow to create a much sharper, more precise blades and edges to begin with.

Instruments made of stainless steel are almost rust-proof and considered to be pretty durable, which is sounds good, but innovation never stands still, that is why there are other materials from which our tools are often made. To improve the performance of their products manufacturers take even more durable types of steel, in our case the highest grade carbon steel which is many times more durable and structurally strong than stainless steel, and improve upon it by making it rust-proof by covering or plating it with Nickel or Gold making plated instruments just as rust-proof as stainless steel, but that much tougher. As compared to tools made of stainless steel, instruments made of nickel plated high carbon steel attain a much higher sharpness and precision, and last so much longer.

This is worth mentioning again, the high carbon steel is of much higher durability than most other types of steel, however the high carbon steel used by the manufacturers from Solingen, Germany that Zamberg is working with are using the highest quality of high carbon steel. In addition to Nickel plating high carbon steel also gets plated in Chromium. Chrome plated instruments also get the advantage of corrosion resistance, and even if you scratch your tools instead of allowing the "exposed" steel to oxidize and rust chromium forms a protective film over the break in covering and prevents any possible corrosion. One more plus of chrome plating is that it doesn't attract dust, keeping your tools cleaner, longer.

Last, but not least, in addition to stainless steel and plated steels there is cobalt steel, also known as French or Blue steel. Cobalt steel has a rich blue patina that is so dark it is almost black. This patina is the only thing protecting the raw steel from oxidation so some care should be taken when cleaning these tools so the patina is not removed. Tools made of French steel do not work as well as stainless steel in a salon environment because cobalt steel cannot be immersed in liquids for the extended periods of time neccesary for sterilization between customers. These tools are much better suited for home use.

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