Best Tools for Home Manicure

Home is where the heart is, right? Well it seems these days home has become a whole lot more. With more people now working, and even exercising from home, is it any surprise that more people than ever are also considering how to meet their personal grooming needs at home? Zamberg noticed this trend starting years ago, and has worked hard to curate an impressive selection of the finest home professional nail manicure tools. While salons, and nail salons specifically, will always be around to cater to those that enjoy the salon experience, we are excited to cater in the same way to the new breed of home manicurists by discussing the best home manicure tools on the market today.

Tools for manicure at home

Let's take a look at a few of the “essential” tools needed to make your home manicure experience a success.

A Tool for Cutting Nails

The best option for cutting nails is a pair of nail scissors made of fine hard steel. High quality scissors do not dull, or crush your nails like many clippers. Some even self-sharpen with each use! Like many fine manufacturers, Zamberg does not offer “left-handed” scissors. If you are comfortable with “flipping,” we recommend scissors over clippers. If you want to learn how to flip, you can read all about it here.

If you prefer the simplicity of nail clippers, Zamberg offers many great choices to minimize dullness and nail crushing. Make sure your clipper choice is made from high carbon stainless steel, is not held together by clips or hooks (look for a pin-and-post assembly), and never buy a mass-produced nail clipper that will break apart and dull as soon as a second use.

Cuticle Care

To cut or not to cut cuticles, that is the question. Experts are split, with some feeling cutting cuticles is unhealthy, and others feeling it is necessary to stop fraying. We feel this is a personal choice. If you go with cutting, we recommend a high quality cuticle scissor or sharp pair of cuticle nippers. With the emphasis on sharp, dull scissors or nippers will damage your cuticles which could cause swelling and infection. 

For those that do not want to cut cuticles, a new option to the market is GERMANIKURE'S glass manicure stick. As a Health Magazine 2020 “best product” award winner, this glass stick exfoliates dead cuticle skin gently and safely, with no cutting or ripping into living tissue. This is the fastest and safest way to manage cuticles with little to no health risk.

A Nail File

We highly recommend a glass nail file, or a steel, triple-cut file. Stay far away from cheaper nail files with glued-on abrasives, like obsolete emory boards. The cheaper files will cause your nails to break, causing them to become brittle. 

How to use manicure tools at home

Zamberg offers the entire line of GERMANIKURE'S crystal glass nail files. These files are highly durable and hard to break, functional, sterilizable, and you will be able to use them in any direction. They can be used wet or dry, and actually make your nails healthier by “sealing” nails. If you are opposed to glass files for any reason, check out our selection of triple-cut steel files. These heirloom quality triple-cut files are made of high carbon, or cobalt, steel, featuring double-sided grooves with different textures, and a pointy tip which is great for removing debris from under the nails. With proper handling, either of these options will last your lifetime.

A Tool to Clean your Nails

Proper nail care requires cleaning under the nails, and pushing cuticles back. GERMANIKURE'S glass manicure stick mentioned above is a great choice to clean under nails and manage cuticle care. And while we consider that glass leads to the best, and healthiest, modern way to clean under and around nails, Zamberg also offers one of the most comprehensive selections of fine steel nail cleaners. Check the details and descriptions for all of these nail cleaning tools on our site, and let our experts know if you have any questions!

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