Which Tools are Needed for a Manicure?

One of the first questions we often get asked by both aspiring nail professionals, and established professionals, is what “essential” tools they need.


While you might be surprised that established manicure professionals still look for tool guidance, this relates to the fast-changing and fluid world of beauty products. Zamberg is proud to be on the forefront of the latest technological advances in manicure grooming tools. Whereas a glass manicure stick was not have even around a couple of years ago, we agree with many top professionals who consider it to be a necessary “game changer” today.


Here are our current suggestions on the tools and implement categories needed for a manicure.



Every professional or amateur nail enthusiast needs a nail cutting tool. To decide whether you are a nail clipper person, or a nail scissor person, we ask you to answer this question: Can you “flip” your nail scissors to work with both hands? See how


Yes – I flip scissors.

Good! Nail scissors are the healthier and more durable choice over clippers. Choose a scissor made of high carbon stainless steel, or for the sharpest blades check out GERMANIKURE's self-sharpening scissors.


No – I do not flip scissors.

You are likely best using nail clippers, which are made for equal use in either hand. Zamberg offers clippers made of the hardest steel, in various shapes and sizes to fit every manicurist's needs.



Cuticles are important. They are the skin at the base of each of your fingernails. They provide a barrier so that dirt and debris do not get under the skin and nail. And, poor cuticle care is likely the cause of all those dreaded hangnails you have experienced since hangnails are actually dry pieces of cuticles that can be avoided with some basic cuticle attention.


The tool we suggest will also depend on your ability to “flip” scissors.


Yes – I flip scissors.

You have several options. Ambidextrous cuticle nippers (detailed below) are always a great option, but you also have the choice of a high quality pair of cuticle scissors. Cuticle scissors are slimmer and lighter than cuticle nippers, and have very pointed and sharp tips.


No – I do not flip scissors.

We suggest a high quality pair of cuticle nippers, made of high carbon stainless steel. Cuticle nippers, which can be used in either hand, are only as good as their sharpness and steel. Zamberg offers many affordable choices, and with a variety of jaw shapes and lengths for every cuticle need.




Prior to shaping and finishing nails, every manicurist needs a tool to clean and remove debris from under the nail, and to push and remove dead skin and cuticles from around the nail. Zamberg offers many Nail Cleaners and Cuticle Pushers made of high carbon stainless steel, with a variety of handles, shapes and plating.

Glass – “Zamberg's Choice”

We believe the best choice is GERMANIKURE'S Glass Manicure Stick. Since glass is more delicate than steel, some may want to choose steel, but this glass stick is made of specially hardened Bohemian glass making it highly durable. The stick was awarded a “Best Product of 2020” tag by Health Magazine, and provides the healthiest and safest cuticle care on the market. The two tips allow for pushing back cuticles, cleaning under the nail, and exfoliating dead cuticle tissue. It even files hangnails, smooths calluses, and removes excess nail polish. It cleans easily with soap and water, and is fully sterilizable.



For filing and shaping nails, Zamberg offers nail files in both steel and glass. Both have benefits, but we do not recommend Sapphire, or any files with a glued on surface.


While other steel options exist, one of the finest steel file choices is the Triple-Cut File. Made in Solingen, these files are made on traditional grooving machines, which produce no burrs or valleys to gouge nails, and have a smooth, grooved, polished finish. These are precision steel files that will last your lifetime.


For as little as ten bucks, you can have a GERMANIKURE crystal glass nail file, made of thick Bohemian glass, that will last for decades. Instead of chipping nails, the chemically etched glass file seals your nails, making your nails healthier. And the texture will never come off, or dull. No gouging, or tearing of nails, just a perfect texture every time.



Do not buy cheap tweezers. Retail tweezers, like the ones you find online and in your local store, are made of the cheapest Asian steel and will bend and gap open as early as the first use. Make sure to choose tweezers made with extra hard steel to avoid health issues. Zamberg offers a variety of hard-steel tweezers with various grips, and affordable prices.



If nothing else, we hope this discussion of manicure tools demonstrates that there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” What tools and implements you ultimately fill your kit with can be highly personal and subjective based on your individual needs.


Here are a few remaining thoughts to close out this article.


Foot Care

This is one of those topics that might not seem important now, but might be super important later. If you are caring for thick toenails, you might need more specialized clippers or scissors. Or, you might want to have them ready for when you might need them in the future. If you are starting out with a bigger set, there are other pedicure tools that can be very useful and important. Simply search the Zamberg site for more information.


Combination Tools

Combination tools are a great way to do more with less. We spoke earlier of the Glass Manicure Stick, which manages several functions. Zamberg offers other combination tools, like GERMANIKURE'S innovative NISSORS (Nipper+scISSORS) which does the work of both tools, and does not require the “flip” to use in either hand.



To many, nail care and nail presentation is an art, so we don't mind using an art term to make our final point. Many nail enthusiasts starting out want a minimal number of tools, and if that is the case with you, we know you can always add more tools later. Here's where some of those combination tools come in handy. A smaller, starter set of manicure tools could consist of a combination nail and cuticle scissors (to combine nail and cuticle care), glass stick, tweezers, and nail file. If not wanting a scissor at all, maybe just a clipper, nipper, manicure stick, and file. And for the ultimate minimalist starting out, you might have just a nail file, glass stick, and pedicure bar.


Happy manicure tool hinting, and please reach out to the experts at Zamberg with any questions.



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