Cuticle Nippers

TopInox® 7mm 3/4 Full Jaw Cuticle Nippers, German Cuticles Remover by Niegeloh

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The top quality cuticle nippers by Niegeloh are indeed at the top of nail care products. Handmade out of TopInox® stainless steel and featuring a matte finish these cuticle nippers are made to endure and last through years to come. The 7mm jaw design of the cuticle nippers have sharp cutting edges and are extra fine which make trimming simple and painless. Niegeloh stands behind the quality of their products as each one is hand tested and adjusted. They also come with a lifetime warranty in case of any defects.
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Size: 3.94 inch
Jaw Length: 0.28 inch
Joint: Lap Joint