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German Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover by Malteser

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This stainless steel cuticle remover is forged from a single piece of stainless steel so there is no risk of breakage like other inferior tools. The cutting edges are ground by hand to a very fine edge for a perfect trim.
Care and cleaning:
This tool is 100% stainless steel. Soap and water is the standard cleaning process however this tool is also suited for professional autoclaving or chemical sterilization procedures. It should be noted that while stainless steel is rust resistant and stains less it is not rust proof. Therefore after cleaning or sterilization ensure that this tool is thoroughly dried and not stored while damp or in a damp location. For protection we recommend storing the tool in the plastic sleeve or case it arrived in or purchasing a leather storage sleeve.
Size: 4.72 inch
Finish: Matte