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Crystal Glass Nail File Set in Suede Case, Made in Czech Republic - Nail File, Guided Moon File, Glass Cuticle Remover & Pusher

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GERMANIKURE's unique Czech glass manicure stick is crafted with a tapered tip on one end and slanted tip on the other that makes it particularly well suited for filing nails cuticles and small calluses or bits of hardened skin near the nail bed. Crazy as it sounds you did read that right you can file your cuticles! The tapered end allows filing in small narrow and creviced areas like the edges or underside of the nail. The textured slant tip may be used to gently and safely scrape dead cuticle tissue or file hardened skin without risk of damage to the surrounding skin or nail bed. This stick is handcrafted in the Czech Republic from authentic Bohemian glass which is specially formulated and tempered against breaking.

GERMANIKURE crystal glass files are handcrafted in the Czech Republic from 3mm thick Bohemian glass formulated and tempered against breaking. The texture is permanently etched directly into the glass and never wears off. Use it wet or dry on natural nails as well as acrylics. File both directions without causing microscopic frays and gouges.

Our Moonfile was designed for smoothing nail edges the inner curve of this moon file has a shallow groove cut into it. The etched texture in this curve shapes the nail file edge quickly and effortlessly as the nail is swept through the groove. A foolproof way to perfectly edge and shape your nails providing a superior smooth nail in only a few strokes.

All glass files clean easily with soap & water yet are durable enough for a chemical bath or high heat sterilizer.

GERMANIKURE believes in long tool life healthful living and good environmental stewardship. Glass files are shaped by hand. Highly skilled handwork makes our products functionally superior and life lasting. We're not in the business of selling replacements so mass-production is simply not an option.

No child labor-Sustainable-Earth conscious-Minimal packaging-Longevous tools
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: Crystal Glass
Color: Light gray
Thickness: 3.00 mm