Ingrown Toenail Nippers

p184 - Double Action Corner-Cutter FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel Toenail Nippers

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Here's something you have never seen before - a truly innovative toenail nipper and corner cutter. We collaborated with highly regarded podiatry experts with the goal of solving major problems that professionals regularly face. The result: our uniquely convex shaped jaw which is able to reach deep into nail corners without cutting into the toe. Less risk of cutting means this is also a safer choice for diabetics. The jaw shape provides extra strength for super fine tips making them more durable compared to other ingrown nippers.

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE - This nipper is made tested sharpened by hand and guaranteed to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship.

FREE SHARPENING - Comes with lifetime free sharpening and maintenance at the Solingen factory in Germany.

UNIQUE SHAPE - convex edge with very fine tips that can get into places no other nipper can. The unique shape also reinforces fine tips making the nipper the most durable on the market.

SAFER - convex shape protects from cutting into the toes with the middle part of the jaws while tips are deep in the ingrown corners. That also makes this nipper a safer choice for diabetics.

HEAVY DUTY YET LIGHT - This nipper is designed to cut through thick nails and toenails but is still lightweight and easy to handle. A combination of:1. Short but tough jaws supported with extra steel to withstand serious abuse2. Pivot point located very close to the cutting surface3. And longer but light weight handles...provide extra leverage helping to effortlessly cut through think nails. Also very comfortable for small hands.

SURGICAL STEEL - This nipper is made of NOT stainless steel and NOT high Carbone steel BUT high grade High Carbon Stainless Steel. It is very tough holds the sharpened edge AND does not rust.

BOX JOINT - This is the best nipper joint available and considered to be the mark of high craftsmanship (similar to the dovetail joint in fine furniture). Compared to the LAP JOINT when two nipper halves are overlapping each other and held together by a screw or a rivet the BOX JOINT is created by interlocking the two nipper halves without any screws or rivets. This provides the most stable and durable joint eliminating any wobbling or lose connections.

DOUBLE SPRING - This is the best possible solution for heavy-duty nippers. Double spring eliminates friction allowing for a smooth precisely controllable cut and easy on your hands.

HAND SHARPENED - No high-speed grinders or mass production lines. Every nipper is precisely sharpened by hand with a file. If you hold the nipper under a light the hairline gap between blades will be notice-able with the blade tips touching and the gap getting wider towards the heal. This is a very important feature that allows for gradual healthy cutting of the nail without crushing and damage to the nail or the nipper. This is only possible with precise hand sharpening.

MATTE FINISH - Non-reflective finish not only eliminates glare but is also less slippery and provides sturdier grip.

FULLY STERILIZABLE - Safe for any type of sterilization methods.

GENUINE LEATHER - For extra protection we include a pouch made of 100% genuine leather.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: High Carbon Stainless
Finish: Matte
Size: 5.63 inch
Jaw Length: 0.39 inch
Joint: Box Joint