GERmanikure Mobile Session Manicurist Belt System Set with Tools - Large

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GERmanikure Mobile Session Manicurist Belt System Set with Tools - Large

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Product description

GERmanikure's new "Mobile Manicure" system allows beauty professionals to bring whatever they need wherever they need. Created by professionals for professionals the innovative custom designed and expandable tool belt allows manicurists makeup artists and hairstylists to take their business remote to even the smallest work areas. Available in large or small pouch sizes there is plenty of room for polishes removers lotions numerous tools towels and anything else you need immediate access to. Debuted at New York Fashion Week Fall 2019.

Large Session Belt System Set with Tools - This package includes a Large Pouch a Nail Polish Pouch and a Belt. Essential tools Included in this set are: small clipper coil spring cuticle nippers crystal glass stick and a crystal glass nail file.

Large Pouch - Enough space for any project or assignment long or short! With 4 pockets large enough to hold a nail polish remover bottle barbicide disinfectant hand lotion even personal items like a cell phone - and all at the same time. Plus 3 additional pockets with 2 loops for long implements and individual tool compartments in the front. This pouch even has a side loop for a hand towel. Pouch measures 8" x 8" x 3".

Nail Polish Pouch - Perfect for the nail polish professional. With easy "clip on clip off" ability this pouch has compartments for 4 nail polish bottles. Pouch measures 6" x 3.5" x 1.25".

Waist Belt - Available in 3 sizes! 115cm 125 cm and 145cm.

Ergonomic nail clipper 6cm - Regular clippers made of cheap steel simply crush nails then fall apart after dulling. GERmanikure clippers are made of imported surgical-grade steel from Sweden the hardest steel available. This special steel keeps our clippers sharp for decades. We then secure the base with precisely machined rivets produced by a Swiss watch manufacturer to ensure the clipper will never fall apart. Our 'pin and post' contraction provides durability and a smooth operation.

Ergonomic coil spring cuticle nippers - Manicure celebrities backstage nail artists and professional nail technicians all over the world are calling these the best nippers on the market. Ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip without unnatural bending or twisting of the hand or wrist. The coil spring minimizes friction and resistance to produce smooth effortless squeezing and a precise controllable cut. These nippers are hand sharpened with a file to create a razor sharp edge.

Crystal Glass Stick - GERmanikure glass manicure stick exfoliates dead cuticle skin gently and safely without cutting or ripping into living tissue. Living skin is flexible and pliable so only dead skin cells (flaky or inflexible and hardened) are removed. Living skin flexes out of the way and remains unharmed. It also effortlessly removes dead skin and calluses in hard to reach areas all around the nail bed.

Crystal Glass File - Our crystal glass files made of 3mm think bohemian glass are chemically etched and seal your nails instead of chipping them. They are the healthiest choice for your nails. Use them wet or dry in any direction.

* All Components are HAND MADE with belts and pouches made of cowhide leather.

** Additional tools accesories and nail polishes are not included and pictured for comparison purposes only.

Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: Matte
# of pieces: 7

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