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Heavy Duty Nail Scissors - Nail Cutter by Malteser, Germany

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The large heavy duty nail scissor by Malteser is especially made for thick nails but do not let the name fool you. Heavy duty does not mean that you will be left with rough jagged nails only that thick nails can be trimmed with ease and still have the clean smooth cut you desire. The scissor is designed with a curve that follows the natural curve of your nails and it is designed to cut through the toughest toenails. This nail scissor is crafted out of steel and nickel plated for extra security and if taken care of properly it will last you a lifetime. But in case of any defects Malteser guarantees a lifetime warranty
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: High Polished
Joint: Lap Joint
Shape: Curved Pointed
Size: 4.13 inch