4400 - Splinter / Ingrowing Hair Removal Pointed Tip Tweezers FINOX® Surgical Steel by GERmanikure

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Splinter tweezers with wide ergonomic handles are designed to facilitate the removal of splinters or other small foreign objects embedded in the skin. The wide ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, making it easier to hold and maneuver the tweezers with precision.

These tweezers typically have fine, pointed tips that allow you to grasp the splinter firmly and extract it from the skin with minimal effort. The ergonomic handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, reducing strain and providing better control during the extraction process.

When using splinter tweezers, it's important to ensure that the tips are clean and sterile to prevent any infection. You can sterilize the tweezers by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol or boiling them in water for a few minutes. Remember to clean the tweezers before and after each use.

Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Size: 3.54 inch