2pcs Mens Travel Grooming Kit FINOX® Stainless Steel: French Style Flat Nail Clippers and Crystal Glass Nails File
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2pcs Mens Travel Grooming Kit FINOX® Stainless Steel: French Style Flat Nail Clippers and Crystal Glass Nails File

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This clever GERmanikure travel kit comes with two multi purpose grooming tools in a compact and tidy leather case ideal for either a man or a woman. A perfect blend of traditional hand crafting and modern materials the tools in this kit are crafted to the highest standards of quality.

The folding flat french style nail clipper trims nails easily and cleanly. The handle of this clipper secures the cutting edges while closed and has a coarse filing texture on the underside to help shape nails after cutting. The pointed tip of the handle makes cleaning debris out from underneath the nail a breeze. The pocket glass nail file finishes this simple grooming routine with a smooth final finish to the freshly cut edges on the nail as well as help smooth away any callused areas on the hand.

All manicure needs are covered in this extra compact kit. The magnetic closure holds everything securely and neatly without unsightly snaps clasps or zippers. At 9.5cm x 3.5cm (approximately 3.75in x 1.25in) closed this set is ideal for a travel kit or to keep in a glove box pocket or purse.

The tools in this set are crafted of the finest high carbon stainless steel and genuine Czech Republic Bohemian glass. The formulation for High Carbon Stainless Steel is precisely and carefully controlled so that the steel properties are consistent throughout. This steel is just as sharp as traditional high carbon steel and just as rust resistant as stainless steel but it is much more durable and will never pit crack chip or rust guaranteed. The crystal glass file is crafted of 3mm thick authentic Bohemian glass which is chemically hardened and tempered to resist breaking. This special glass treatment not only enhances the clarity and sparkle of the glass but also adds almost 90% more resiliency against breakage. If you drop the nail file off the table or counter by mistake it will not break. Included in this set are:

Flat French Type Fingernail Clipper - Perfectly sized for fingers or small toes the thin profile of this flat French-type nail clipper makes it exceptionally compact and well suited for travel. Lift the nail cleaner lever and the clipper springs into action. Close the clipper by pressing the handle firmly and then flipping the lever back into place. The gentle point of the lever tip makes cleaning nail debris a snap and the texture on the underside of the lever can act as a nail file as well.

Crystal glass nail file - This genuine crystal glass nail file is chemically tempered for durability and the texture is etched directly into the file surface itself so it will never wear off.

To get the longest possible life from these tools we recommend that you lubricate every moving joint regularly (we recommend the GERmanikure lubrication pen or any mineral based oil) and if cleaning is required use warm water non abrasive soap and a soft cloth. High heat or chemical bath sterilization may be used if needed but be sure to thoroughly dry the tools afterward before storage. Store each tool in the soft leather case included. Leather is naturally cushioning and dehumidifying. The case will prevent damage to the tools when they are not in use as well as help wick away any condensation that may accumulate. If necessary the leather case may be wiped clean with warm water and a soft damp cloth.

GERmanikure believes in long tool life healthful living and good environmental stewardship. GERmanikure factories employ adults at a fair wage recycle leftover production waste and filter their wastewater. This set is guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: High Carbon Stainless
Finish: Matte
# of pieces: 2