5pcs Manicure Set German FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel: Cuticle Nippers Nail Scissors Tweezers Glass Nails File and Stick
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5pcs Manicure Set German FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel: Cuticle Nippers Nail Scissors Tweezers Glass Nails File and Stick

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TThis red GERmanikure manicure set comes with 5 essential tools in an elegant and supple leather roll up case that is ideal for a woman. A perfect blend of traditional hand crafting and modern materials each steel tool included in this set is handmade in Solingen Germany to the highest standards of quality. Tweezers grab stray hairs with ease trim hangnails with nail scissors press cuticles back with the included crystal manicure stick and remove the excess with the finely pointed cuticle nippers. Nails are polished and sealed with the included crystal glass nail file. The crystal glass manicure stick will complete your manicure. All essential manicure needs are covered and there is even an extra slot available if you'd like to add another narrow implement. At 15cm x 17cm (approximately 6in x 6.75 in) fully open the small case makes this set ideal for a travel kit or as a hygienic set to bring to the salon.

NOTE: Color of standard nail file included may vary.

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The tools in this set are crafted of the finest high carbon stainless steel and genuine Czech Republic Bohemian glass. The formulation for High Carbon Stainless Steel is precisely and carefully controlled so that the steel properties are consistent throughout. This steel is just as sharp as traditional high carbon steel and just as rust resistant as stainless steel but it is much more durable and will never pit crack chip or rust guaranteed. Included in this set areCuticle Nipper - This cuticle nipper is handcrafted of superior high carbon stainless steel and hand filed to a precision edge. With a crush stopper to prevent over squeezing a double spring for frictionless movement and an open joint construction this nipper blends the best of German engineering with traditional quality craftsmanship to provide a superior cut. Learn more about this cuticle nipper.

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Nail scissors - This nail scissor is crafted with an ergonomic loop style and open joint so it will not only be easy to use it is also easy to clean. Very little finish filing is needed after a trim with these scissors and the torx screw ensures the scissor blades are always precisely set as they were on the day you bought them. Learn more about this nail scissor.

Tweezers - Hand sharpened slanted tips don't pinch stray hair off at the root they really grasp the shaft for easy plucking. Learn more about this tweezer.

Crystal glass nail file - This 3mm thick genuine crystal glass nail file is chemically tempered for durability and the texture is etched directly into the file surface itself so it will never wear off. Learn more about this crystal glass nail file.

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Crystal Glass Manicure Stick - This crystal glass manicure stick is absolutely amazing. Tempered for durability and sterilizable this is one tool you'll wonder how you ever did a manicure without it. Both ends are etched with a gentle texture that will quickly and easily remove cuticle tissue excess nail polish hardened skin or even file away recurrent hangnails in tight areas. The pointed tip fits into small areas for precision filing and the slanted end doubles as a cuticle pusher and safely removes dead cuticle tissue at the same time. Learn more about this crystal glass manicure stick.

To customize a set please include a note during checkout or ask one of our representatives for the customization options you would like. We don't charge for customization free customization choices are limited to GERmanikure brand items only.

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A sapphire file and a glass file may be exchanged with each other. You may also choose a message glass file if you don't like the standard file. See available message files.

The steel cuticle pusher and crystal glass manicure stick may be exchanged with each other.

To get the longest possible life from these tools we recommend that you lubricate every moving joint regularly (we recommend the GMMA1-1 lubrication pen or any mineral based oil) and if cleaning is required use warm water non abrasive soap and a soft cloth. High heat or chemical bath sterilization may be used if needed be sure to thoroughly dry the tools afterward before storage. Store each tool in the soft leather case included..
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
# of pieces: 5