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6 pcs Manicure Set by Erbe, Germany

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The natural leather soft frame case combines the security of a zipper closure with the durability of a full frame case. One touch of this leather case gives a hint of the high quality of the entire set; it has a thick yet soft and supple feel. When this genuine leather case opens, there is no mistaking the quality of the six manicure tools enclosed within. These tools are crafted from high carbon steel and nickel-plated for an added layer of protection and durability. Each cutting blade is hand ground by German artisans to a precision edge and each scissor and nipper has a screw joint to adjust blade tension for the ultimate in comfort. Give your hands the pleasure of having these tools care for them.

This set includes:

Nail scissors
Cuticle scissors
Cuticle nippers
Slanted tweezers Glass nail file with Swarovski crystal embellishments
Nail cleaner/cuticle pusher