6 pcs Manicure Set For Men by Erbe, Germany
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6 pcs Manicure Set For Men by Erbe, Germany

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This very soft, zipped brown leather case contains 6 quality, grooming tools that are a must for men with beards or mustaches. Included in the set are a combination beard/mustache comb and brush, beard/mustache scissors, separate fingernail and toenail clippers, slanted tweezers and a sapphire nail file. The metal instruments were created from high carbon steel and nickel plated for a superior layer of durability and protection. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is our stamp of confidence on this product and the manufacturer. Erbe has over 75 years of experience producing excellent quality grooming and personal care implements. Handmade in Solingen, Germany you are assured of impeccable workmanship and ergonomic details that make using these instruments practically effortless. Sharp cutting edges, a stylish case and a selection of essential men's grooming tools make this set a "find" that will leave your face and nails in fine condition.