Beier genuine elephant leather 175 ml hip flask

Beier genuine elephant leather 175 ml hip flask

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Presenting the Beier Stainless Elephant Leather Flask a classic take on a classic necessity. Made from genuine hand worked elephant leather and sleek polished stainless steel this flask is an ode to authentic timeless European aesthetic. This is not your discount store flask this is a true rarity available only in limited quantities. This is not the Cadillac of flasks - this is the Lamborghini of flasks! Beier the German leather masters has been handcrafting signature leather accessories since 1922 and has maintained an elegant style that is simultaneously modern and timeless. Each product is meticulously fabricated using only the finest leathers and metals making Beier a shining example of German craftsmanship at its most illustrious. The attention to detail and time-tested manufacturing technique are distinctly Beier. Make sure every sip is stylish with this exquisite piece.
Volume: 175ml
Height: 5.00 inch
Width: 3.86 inch
Thickness: 0.98 inch
Base: 0.98 inch
Finish: High Polished
Cover: Leather
Material: Stainless Steel
Cover Color: Brown
Shotglass: no