Braun Buffel Leather Billfold Wallet with Change Compartment by Braun Buffel, Germany

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A beautiful wallet is a powerful weapon in the sophisticated and sartorial gentleman's arsenal. It is the gatekeeper to his fortune his hard work his good luck his sense and style. More than simply a receptacle for credit cards and cash the Braun Buffel Sensual Brown Leather Billfold Wallet is an ode to a triumphant and timeless aesthetic the kind of gorgeous craftsmanship that will never go out of style and will last a lifetime. Braun Buffel has been the last word in the world of luxury leather since 1887 and the German company continues to find ways of merging their impressive legacy with new styles and techniques. More than a century later there's no question that Braun Buffel represents the leather elite across the globe. With a new look and line of beautiful bags and cases the German leather giants have taken a giant step forward into elegant modernity. Look for the symbol of the bull and you know you've found leather that will impress for a lifetime. This wallet will guard your valuable assets with an impressive elegance available solely from a manufacturer as honored and esteemed as Braun Buffel. Sheath your savings in style.
Material: Leather
Length: 4.50 inch
Width: 3.50 inch
Type: Billfold Wallet
Change Compartment: yes
ID Compartment: no
Money Clip: no