Mongoy Wood Handle and Cane by Finna, Spain

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A beautiful cane is a necessity for the older sophisticated gentleman who has earned a bit stylish support after all these years of hard work. And this cane made from pure mongoy wood and finished with sterling silver decorations is a beautiful cane. The rare dark wood gives the walking stick a timeless feel along with the strength and durability that will last a lifetime. Whether you're trotting across the globe or simply wandering around the garden this cane will show all that you're a man of refined taste a man who's unwilling to compromise. Finna the Spanish walking stick maestro has been creating elegant and opulent canes and walking sticks for over 35 years. The key to Finna's overwhelming success is it's tireless quest to blend the Catalan company's unshakable history and timeless aesthetic with today's fashionable modernity. The results are canes with class walking sticks with style.