First Class 5/8" Hollow Ground Classic Mild Steel Straight Razor by Erbe, Germany

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This is an exceptional German quality mild steel straight razor with 5/8" hollow ground blade. High in demand, and difficult/time consuming to craft, authentic Solingen steel straight razors are increasing in rarity. This particular straight razor has a fine blue hollow grind with gold "First Class" etching and black plastic scales. "Solingen" and "Made in Germany" are hand stamped on the razor tang. This razor is well balanced, fits neatly in the hand and is almost care-free. Strop before each use then simply rinse and wipe the razor clean after shaving. Don't forget to apply a light film of oil to protect the surface while the blade is stored between shaves.   

This handmade German quality straight razor is precisely ground, sharpened, assembled, adjusted and tested by hand. This razor is considered to be a good starter "shave ready" blade and should not require honing out of the box unless you'd like to set your preferred bevel or degree of sharpness. Oil pens, badger brushes, soap bowls, lathering mugs, and other accessories are available separately.

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Blade Width: 5/8''
Blade Size: 105mm
Blade Finish: High Polished
Blade Decoration: Gold Etching
Handle: Plastic