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GERMANIKURE 4pc Manicure Set in Suede Case- FINOX® Stainless Steel: Toenail Nissors, Pusher & Cleaner, Glass Cuticle Stick and Nail File

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GERMANIKURE's compact 4.5 x 275 inch manicure sets are perfect if you are looking for just the basics and designed to be affordable for everyone without compromising quality.

SET INCLUDES: Nissors, pusher & cleaner, glass nail file and our Health & Beauty 2020 award winning glass cuticle stick all neatly tucked in a soft suede roll. This simple affordable set has all your fingernail and cuticle needs covered. Available in traditional leather or new delicate suede mini rolls. Wide range of color options makes them perfect gifts for anyone: women men teens college students.

FINOX High Carbon Stainless Steel Traditional High Carbon Steel rusts easily. Stainless Steel is soft and dulls quickly. FINOX High Carbon Stainless Steel combines the strength of high carbon with rust proof stainless. Best of both worlds! This hard steel keeps blades razor sharp providing gradual shearing cuts without crushing or damaging nails.

Nissors The "plier style" handles of these unique nail scissors allow for a strong comfortable and more secure palm grip. This type of grip is especially well suited for both right and left hands as well as reducing stress on finger and hand joints making these nissors an arthritis friendly tool. Unlike most scissors this GERManikure nissors is designed with an "open" joint style that minimizes crevices where debris may accumulate over time. This type of joint allows access for easy cleaning and lubrication that is also superb for professional sterilization practices such as a high heat or steam autoclave.

2020 Health Magazine Award Winning Glass Cuticle Stick Called a "game changer" by top manicure celebrities it's a red carpet favorite & nail techs everywhere are stocking up. Can be used to: Push & remove cuticles exfoliate & file fingertip callouses remove hangnails shape & clean nail edges place nail art gems and remove nail polish mistakes. Create a smooth clean natural cuticle line without any risks associated with cutting.

Genuine Czech Crystal Glass The permanently etched surface of our glass files don't contain any harsh glued on abrasives that tear apart natural carotene layers. This prevents brittle splitting peeling nails. Files are 3mm thick to protect against breakage but please remember IT IS GLASS!! Treat with TLC.

About GERMANIKURE People are often surprised to learn that our tools are assembled by hand. Every screw is set with a screwdriver scissor blades adjusted with a small hammer nippers sharpened with a file not a grinder glass files shaped by hand. Highly skilled handwork makes our products functionally superior and life lasting. We're not in the business of selling replacements so mass-production is simply not an option.

No child labor-Sustainable-Earth conscious-Minimal packaging-Longevous tools
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: High Carbon Stainless
Finish: Matte
# of pieces: 4