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GERMANIKURE 8pcs Set FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel: Clippers, Cuticle Nippers, Scissors, Tweezers, Nails File Implements

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This sleek GERmanikure manicure set comes with 8 elegant tools in a luxurious and supple leather roll up case that is ideal for either a man or a woman. A perfect blend of traditional hand crafting and modern materials each steel tool included in this set is handmade in Solingen Germany to the highest standards of quality. All manicure needs are covered and there are even three extra slots available if you'd like to add another narrow implement or two. At 25cm x 17cm fully open this case is well suited as a family set or as a hygienic set to bring to the salon.

The tools in this set are crafted of the finest high carbon stainless steel and genuine. The formulation for High Carbon Stainless Steel is precisely and carefully controlled so that the steel properties are consistent throughout. This steel is just as sharp as traditional high carbon steel and just as rust resistant as stainless steel but it is much more durable and will never pit crack chip or rust guaranteed. Included in this set are:

Cuticle Nipper - This cuticle nipper is handcrafted of superior high carbon stainless steel and hand filed to a precision edge. With a crush stopper to prevent over squeezing a double spring for frictionless movement and an open joint construction this nipper blends the best of German engineering with traditional quality craftsmanship to provide a superior cut. 

Combination scissors - Precisely ground and hand tensioned this combination scissor comes to a very fine pointed tip. The torx type screw joint ensures that the tension remains set exactly as it left the factory floor so that the scissors will always be perfectly and precisely aligned.

Tweezers - Hand sharpened slanted tips don't pinch stray hair off at the root they really grasp the shaft for easy plucking. 

Fingernail Clipper - Perfectly sized for fingers or small toes this clipper has a unique rivet and pin construction that ensures it will never break or fall apart. With ergonomic styling and an edge that cuts like butter your fingers will thank you. 

Toenail Clipper - With a wider blade and longer handle this clipper is ideal for stronger or wider nails on hands or use just for feet. The pin and post handle and riveted base ensure that this clipper will never fall apart even after decades of use. 

Cuticle pusher - All stainless construction and a gentle rounded and curved pushing tip fits the nail bed perfectly so cuticles may be gently pressed back. 

Nail cleaner - All stainless construction and a gentle curved tip fits underneath the edge of the nail perfectly so dirt and debris may be removed.

Sapphire Nail File - With a medium texture on one side and a fine texture on the other this sapphire nail file makes short work of sharp edges. The pointed tip cleans underneath your nails and the rounded handle end presses cuticles back gently. Unlike other steel sapphire files the handle and file are crafted as a single unit so this is one all-purpose file that just won't break. 

GERmanikure designed their tools and sets with interchangeability in mind. Other sets cannot be customized because their case is designed to hold only the tools included but a GERmanikure set has sleeves designed to hold a variety of tools interchangeably safely and securely. We don't charge for customization free customization choices are limited to GERmanikure brand items only.

CASE COLOR: Select your favorite from either black or red cases and include a note during checkout. If you don't pick a color we'll ship yours in black.

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Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
# of pieces: 8