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GERMANIKURE Large toenail clipper with leather case

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$24.95 USD

Just released by GERMANIKURE, this new and affordable clipper features an integrated leather sleeve to reduce clippings that fly all over the room. With this design, GERmanikure can use less steel to produce the most affordable high quality clipper on the market. With prices of raw materials increasing, GERmanikure continued to innovate so that we can both improve our implements while also reducing prices. This large clipper has a straight cutting edge that can be used on fingernails or toenails. The angled blades create a sharp tip that help to cut into ingrown toenail corners.

Feel good about your purchase. These clippers are 100% made in Solingen Germany, handcrafted in socially and environmentally responsible facilities.

Guaranteed for Life
Clippers are the most fundamental, most ubiquitous nail care tool on the market. As you know, clippers made of cheap steel dull quickly, fall apart easily, and crush your nail rather than cut through it. With these clippers, GERmanikure blends traditional German design with modern stainless steel to make the most affordable, high quality clippers on the market. This rustproof, sterilizable, and autoclavable steel is much harder than other types which means the tool will last for a lifetime, guaranteed. 100% guaranteed against manufacturing issues or defects.

Something for everyone in the family
Be sure to check out our full line of specialized skin and nail care tools to ensure you have all the necessary implements to meet the needs of everyone in your house.

Healthy Nails are Worth every penny:
100% handmade in Solingen Germany with absolute precision and highest level of craftsmanship. It only makes perfect sense to spend few extra dollars for the highest quality instrument that you would never have to replace. With GERmanikure clippers, fine details make all the difference. Knock offs that are “good enough” are just not an option and won’t cut nails as clean and consistently.

Material: High Carbon Stainless
Finish: Matte
Size: 3.15 inch