GERMANIKURE Nail Art Dotting Tool in Leather Case, Made in Solingen Germany
GERMANIKURE Nail Art Dotting Tool in Leather Case, Made in Solingen Germany
GERMANIKURE Nail Art Dotting Tool in Leather Case, Made in Solingen Germany

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GERMANIKURE Nail Art Dotting Tool in Leather Case, Made in Solingen Germany

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Product description


Transform your manicure with bold and expressive nail art. Whether you want to create a fancy French manicure, intricate designs with rhinestones, or a glittery surprise for holiday festivities, you will have endless ways to create unique and personalized nail designs with GERmanikure’s line of specialized surgical grade stainless steel nail art tools. Use these powerful design implements at home or in a professional salon.


Let your creativity flow with this two sided nail art dotting and painting tool specifically designed for work on acrylic nails. Featuring a very fine needle on one end for nail-decoration and a tiny spherical head on the other end to create ornaments or your own design on fresh lacquered nails. This octagon type double instrument with smooth grooved handle provides an excellent ergonomic grip for comfortable and precise handling while preventing the tool from rolling off a table or counter top.

Something for everyone in the family
Be sure to check out our full line of specialized beauty tools to ensure you have all the necessary implements to meet the needs of everyone in your house.

Guaranteed for Life
FINOX nail art implements by GERmanikure blends traditional German design with modern stainless steel to make the finest tools on the market. Raw stainless steel is imported in bulk from Sweden specifically for use in GERmanikure's FINOX line because no other steel met GERmanikure's requirements for consistency hardness and durability. This rustproof, sterilizable, and autoclavable steel is much harder than other types which means the tool will last for a lifetime, guaranteed. 100% guaranteed against manufacturing issues or defects.

Leather Case
Even though this innovative tool is crafted of the finest modern materials and designed to last for decades it comes complete with a custom fitted leather case to protect it even further. Leather is naturally cushioning and dehumidifying. The case will prevent damage when the tool is not in use as well as help wick away any condensation that may accumulate on the cool steel.

Amazing Nails are worth every penny:
100% handmade in Solingen Germany with absolute precision and highest level of craftsmanship. It only makes perfect sense to spend few extra dollars for a highest quality instrument that you would never have to replace.

With this product, fine details make all the difference. Knock offs that are “good enough” are just not an option. It simply won’t do the job as clean and consistently as this implement. You need a well-made tool to effortlessly get the result you want.

Feel good about your purchase.
These implements are made in Solingen Germany, handcrafted in socially and environmentally responsible facilities.

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