"GERmanikure" Small Leather Roll Up Case
"GERmanikure" Small Leather Roll Up Case
"GERmanikure" Small Leather Roll Up Case
"GERmanikure" Small Leather Roll Up Case

Item # GR788BB-C175

"GERmanikure" Small Leather Roll Up Case

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Product description

Hand-pick the tools you know you'll use most for a custom manicure or pedicure kit and protect them with style in this leather lined GERmanikure roll-up case. With 6 stitched leather sleeves of varying width there is a sleeve to snugly hold every kind of tool from nippers to clippers tweezers files or anything else you'd like to include up to 13cm (5inches) in length. The case ties securely closed with a leather lace for a classic and elegant old-world look.

This smaller roll-up case holds 6 items but we found the best fit with up to 5 tools: 1 nail or cuticle nipper 1 scissor or clipper (or both) and 1-3 narrower tools such as tweezers nail file cuticle pusher facial tool or hoof stick. If you'd like to know if your particular selection of tools will fit just ask. We'd be happy to help.

Leather is a naturally cushioning and absorbent material. This case is crafted of thick soft fully grained leather and will cushion your tools against nicks or breakage. The naturally dehumidifying effect of leather will also help remove humidity from the air nearest the tools and help prevent corrosion from the natural humidity in the air we breathe. If needed this case may be wiped clean with a soft cloth and warm water. Once clean allow to dry thoroughly before use.

While all of the tools we sell are exceptionally durable and rust resistant protecting your tools with a leather case such as this one will provide an added sense of security in the knowledge that not only are all of your tools in one place but you are also caring well for your tools so they may care well for you.

This case also comes in red GR788RR-C176 . A larger version of this case is also available in either red GR787RR-C198 or black GR787BB-C181 .

Maximum tool length: 13cm (5in)
Dimensions of open case: 17cm x 15cm (approx 6.75in x 6in).
Dimensions of rolled case: 6cm x 15cm (approx 2.5in x 6in).*
*Width of case while rolled will vary based on the selection of tools placed within and snugness of roll.

Instruments shown are for illustrative purposes only. Tools sold separately.
Material: Leather
Capacity: 6
Color: Black
Width: 6.69 inch
Length: 5.91 inch

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