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Handmade Medium - Sandalwood/Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces by Giglio Asla, Italy

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Chess Is the sophisticated gentleman's game of choice and these pieces are pitch perfect for his elegant set. From the rounded heads of the bishops to the pointed crowns of the queens the beautiful handcrafted Giglio Asla Sphere Sandalwood/Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces are a tribute to the elegance of the classic Italian company. The white pieces are made from a beautiful beige sandalwood and the black from bud rosewood. The value of a chess set is in the intricate detail of each piece especially the knights and the rooks. Giglio Asla painstakingly handcrafts each piece paying careful attention to the minutest detail. Simply look to the King's cross as an example. These pieces are made from sandalwood and bud rose two exotic durable and extremely beautiful woods. Made in the standard regulation Staunton style with a beautiful spherical decoration these chess pieces are as classically elegant as chess itself.