i08 - Nail Cleaner FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel
i08 - Nail Cleaner FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel
i08 - Nail Cleaner FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel
i08 - Nail Cleaner FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel

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i08 - Nail Cleaner FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel

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Product description

Editor's note: "Crafted entirely of steel there is no plastic to age or break."

This FINOX nail cleaner by GERmanikure blends innovative design with modern high carbon stainless steel to make a nail cleaner that will last. It is shaped to a smooth and narrow curved shape and the extra hard steel combined with a matte non-reflective handle finish makes for a tool that is a pleasure to use for both professionals and individuals alike.

High Carbon Stainless Steel
Raw high carbon stainless steel (surgical steel) is imported in bulk from Sweden specifically for use in GERmanikure's FINOX line no other steel met GERmanikure's requirements for consistency hardness and durability. This rustproof sterilizable and autoclavable steel is much harder than other types which mean the tool will last for a lifetime.

Gently Curved Shape
The GERmanikure nail cleaner has a narrow gentle curved shape that is thin enough to glide underneath the nail bed to remove dirt and debris but is smooth and curved enough so the tool will do no damage to the finger pad or nail itself.

Leather Case
Even though this innovative tool is crafted of the finest modern materials and designed to last for decades it comes complete with a custom fitted leather case to protect it even further. Leather is naturally cushioning and dehumidifying. The case will prevent damage when the tool is not in use as well as help wick away any condensation that may accumulate on the cool steel.

GERmanikure believes in long tool life healthful living and good environmental stewardship. Each tool is handcrafted in Solingen Germany by trained adult artisans in a factory that recycles leftover production waste and filters its wastewater. This item is guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 4.92 inch
Finish: Matte

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