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"IMANTADO Zip L" INOX Stainless Steel Pedicure Set in Zipped Black Leather Case by Niegeloh, Germany

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There he is, sexy and smart, a man always enjoying life to its fullest. Representing the Imantado line of products this set combines the luxury of the soft leather, the clean, masculine lines of the black case and the practicality of the ingenious and very convenient magnetic closure. Made especially for him this amazing manicure set features 6 pieces, of the highest quality TopInox® stainless steel and includes toe nail scissors, toe nail nipper, nail clipper, nail cleaner, slanted tweezers and a sapphire nail file. 

These instruments have no equals; they are superior even to the top-rated, finest Malteser tools. The remarkable Niegeloh instruments begin with the highest quality stainless steel and astonishes even the most experienced professionals with the remarkable quality of their fully hand made instruments. And when we say fully hand made we mean that every process in the creation of each and every instrument, from precisely ground blades, sharpening, assembly, adjustments and even testing for sharpness and precision is done by hand. 

Case measures 165 x 95 x 30 mm
Clipper included is fingernail size (6cm or 2.36 inch)
Plastic implements are discontinued, all tools are 100%.