INOX Surgical Steel Heavy Duty Pedicure Toenail Nippers by Erbe, Germany
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INOX Surgical Steel Heavy Duty Pedicure Toenail Nippers by Erbe, Germany

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High quality "full jaw" Nail nippers that have specially angled Concave Jaws which allow for clean slightly curved cuts of your nail without breaking them. The blades are shaped so that you can easily get between the nail and the skin without causing any tears.

Strong durable stainless steel of the highest quality made from the best raw materials in a process perfected by centuries of craftsmen. Specially treated to harden and create corrosion rust and stain resistant tools that will provide you with a life times with outstanding service. For a more conservative yet chic look these nippers were finished in a flat brushed matt finish.

The large size of these nippers is perfect for easy and effective cutting of large and/or tough toenails. To protect the blades and items around these nippers have a lock plate to hold together the jaws when the instrument is not in use.

For better cutting these nippers are made with a box joint. In comparison with cheaper nippers that are made with a lap joint these nippers insure against the skewing and side-ways motion of the blades especially when cutting tough thick nails and exerting a lot of pressure. When a lap joint gets loose it may catch a nail in between the blades and "bend" it. Besides being painful and very uncomfortable this is really bad for the nails. Box joint insures that the blades that are positioned directly opposite each other will remain perfectly aligned and provide a smooth clean cut. Plus with these nippers you would rarely need to exert a lot of pressure because the extra sharp blades will make it easy to cut nearly anything. If after a   while you feel that you need to exert more and more pressure it maybe time to get your nippers sharpened.

Finest personal care instruments of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship made in Solingen Germany - the world renowned center of fine steel products.
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Size: 5.51 inch
Jaw Length: 0.79 inch
Joint: Box Joint