Travel Root Wood Humidor by Jemar, Spain

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$349.95 USD
The Jemar Travel Root Wood Humidor for any man entering the world of the cigar aficionado. This petite humidor is made with same care and quality as any Jemar humidor yet its charm is its size. This is a preferred humidor for the man on the go or for the man with a small but blooming collection of fine cigars. Whoever you are whatever you smoke this beautiful box proves that gentlemen prefer substance to size. The insides are of course made completely of fine Spanish cedar which is the only wood for a true humidor. The cedar contains the moisture and helps age the cigars giving them a distinct and delicious taste. Jemar Humidors are painstakingly handcrafted in Bilbao Spain. The company was founded in 1975 a great time for cigars by Jesus Arroyo Martinez with the intent to produce humidors made from the finest materials. For more than thirty years Jemar has been doing just that. These humidors are regal meant for the highest in cigar aficionado. Let your swooning associates know that the best cigars do come in small packages.
Length: 9.45 inch
Width: 7.87 inch
Height: 19.69 inch
Material: Root Wood
Capacity: 24
Humidifier: Included
Divider: Included