Luxury Shaving Set with Best Badger Brush by Erbe, Germany
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Luxury Shaving Set with Best Badger Brush by Erbe, Germany

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Deep black resin and chrome set this three-piece shaving set apart from the others. The handles are forged from high carbon steel and plated in chrome. The instruments have a heavy quality feel to them but not so heavy that they feel unbalanced. The contrast between the black resin and the high polish finish of the chrome adds an air of elegance and drama. The curved lines soften the handle styling ever so slightly and flared ends add a little pizzazz. The included razor handle holds a replaceable Gillette MACH3 safety razor and the shaving brush holds a load of springy best badger bristles. Best badger shaving brushes are crafted by hand with a higher grade of bristle that is uncut for a softer less prickly feel while in use and an almost whipped effect on the lather produced. This shaving set includes: Best badger bristle shaving brush Gillette MACH3 safety razor with handle Chrome plated stand
# of pieces: 3
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: Satin
Blade Type: Gillette MACH3
Handles: Resin
Bristle Load: Best Badger