Luxury Shaving Set with Silvertip Badger Brush and Wedge Wood Handles by Erbe, Germany

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Luxury Shaving Set with Silvertip Badger Brush and Wedge Wood Handles by Erbe, Germany

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Made for a man who appreciates high quality as well as a more natural look, this four-piece shaving set is sure to impress. The tools are handcrafted from high quality high carbon steel and chrome plated for a beautiful gleam as well as additional longevity. The high polish finish of the chrome contrasts well with the smooth cylindrical Palissandre d’Afrique wood handles.   Palissandre d’Afrique wood, also known as Wenge wood or Congolese Rosewood, is a tropical wood that is very dark in color with a distinctive pattern. This wood is dense and heavy, and holds up very well when used for objects such as staircases and flooring, as well as lending beauty, strength, and durability to other, smaller objects such as custom musical instruments, walking canes, or personal grooming tools.   Solingen artisans handcrafted each tool included in this luxury shaving set to meet their highest quality standard. The included razor holds a replaceable Gillette MACH3 safety razor, while the springy silvertip badger bristles work up a fine lather and provide a massage effect when preparing to shave. In addition to the standard tools, this set also includes a removable 3” chrome plated soap bowl. The gleaming stand has a non-skid solid base; it will not topple over when removing instruments and neither the stand nor the surface it rests on will receive inadvertent scrapes or scratches. The natural materials used in this product ensure that each item is unique and one of a kind.   

This shaving set includes: • Silvertip badger bristle shaving brush • Gillette MACH3 safety razor with handle • Chrome plated high carbon steel non-skid stand • Removable chrome plated soap bowl

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