Safety Razor with Padauk Wood Handle by Timor, Germany

Safety Razor with Padauk Wood Handle by Timor, Germany

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The exotic African Padauk tree has an orange-red hue to its heartwood that deepens as it ages. Luminescent and supremely durable, padauk wood provides a warm inviting handle to Timor’s classically styled safety razor. Padauk is non-endangered and sustainably farmed, which makes this wood a good selection for the environmentally conscious gentleman with a taste for the exotic. This simple shaving instrument doesn’t compromise on quality either with its chrome plated solid steel shaving head. You'll not only get a superb shave, you'll also get great functionality with minimal expense. The razor comes ready to use with a package of 10 disposable double sided straight razor blades. Pair this gorgeous razor with a shaving brush, stand and soap bowl from our collection and create a uniquely customized shaving set for yourself or to give to that special someone as a gift.

100mm handle length (10cm, approx 4 inch)

Razor comes in presentation box ready to go with 10pc razor blades included.