Safety Razor with Wenge Wood Handles by Timor, Germany

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$110.00 USD

Crafted with the exotic in mind, this classic open comb safety razor by Timor is a simple shaving instrument that doesn’t compromise on quality. The chrome plated solid steel shaving head is perfectly weighted to minimize the effort needed to shave even the toughest of hair. The exotic wenge handle is supremely rot and moisture resistant. The easy grip aids in maneuverability around narrow areas and guarantees a smooth, gentle shave every time. Razor comes ready to use with 10 double sided disposable safety razor blades. Pair this gorgeous exotic razor with a shaving brush, stand, and soap bowl for a uniquely customized shaving set. Treat yourself or that special someone to the ultimate in luxury. With proper care, the razor will last for many shaves.

100mm handle length (10cm, approx. 4 inch)

Razor comes in presentation box ready to go with 10pc razor blades included.