Combination Scissors

German FINOX®22 Self-Sharpening Combination Nail & Cuticle Scissors

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New technology meets old world tradition. FINOX22 self-sharpening scissors combine all the qualities of GERmanikure's world-class scissors with a super-hard titanium coating that hones the opposite stainless edge to razor sharpness each time the scissor is opened and closed. All GERmanikure scissors are hand-assembled with hand-hammered blades then manually sharpened by Solingen artisans. Our unique beveled joint minimizes friction and reduces wear providing a flawless shearing cut. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes ours will likely be the last scissors you will ever need.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - These scissors are made tested sharpened by hand and guaranteed to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship.

SELF SHARPENING - Super-hard titanium coating hones the opposite stainless edge to razor sharpness each time the tool is opened and closed to extend the already long lifespan of the scissor.

HAND-SET SCREW - No machines no mass production. Every pair of GERmanikure scissors is assembled by hand with a screwdriver. This is a critical step to achieve proper tension and to ensure effortless clean cuts and years of flawless production.

NEW JOINT - Our innovative beveled joint minimizes friction for easier cuts and reduced wear. The open design allows for easy lubrication and eliminates crevices where dirt and moisture can collect over time.

HAND-SHARPENED - Every GERmanikure scissor is manually sharpened and tested by Solingen artisans.

HAND-HAMMERED BLADES - Allows for perfect curve adjustment ensuring flawless shearing and decades without needing to be sharpened.

52 ROCKWELL - Our scissors use super hard steel to ensure remaining razor sharp for decades. GERmanikure crafts tools for a lifetime.

SURGICAL STEEL - Our scissors are made of High Grade High Carbon Stainless Steel. Other manufacturer's scissors made of stainless steel do not compare. GERmanikure nippers always hold the sharpened edge and will never rust.

GENUINE LEATHER - For extra protection we include a pouch made of 100% genuine leather.

FULLY STERILIZABLE - Safe for any type of sterilization methods.

MATTE FINISH - Non-reflective finish eliminates glare and provides a less slippery sturdier grip.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: High Carbon Stainless
Finish: Matte/Black Titanium
Shape: Curved
Size: 3.74 inch