Silvertip Badger Shaving Set with Clear Blue Handles by Hans Baier, Germany

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Silvertip Badger Shaving Set with Clear Blue Handles by Hans Baier, Germany

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Product description

Crafted of chrome plated high carbon steel and clear blue resin this three-piece shaving set has a momdern feel to it. The shine of the blue resin combined with the sleek high polished look of chrome create a set that is a thing of beauty in and of itself.

The included razor handle holds a replaceable Gillette MACH3 safety razor and the shaving brush holds a load of springy silvertip badger bristles. Silvertip badger bristles are crafted from the finest and most pliable badger hair. These bristles provide a better lather than brushes crafted from lesser grades of badger bristles or even synthetic fibers. Each hair is longer and lighter in color than pure badger hair and has a white tip. The hair is fit to the handle in such a way that no trimming is needed to obtain the rounded shape of the brush head. Because the hairs are not trimmed to shape there is no coarse stiff feel to them when used.

This shaving set includes:
Silvertip badger bristle shaving brush
Safety razor with blue handle
Metal stand

Replacement cartridges for the razor are available in our shop or at any local drugstore. Handle fits Gilette Mach 3 blades.

# of pieces: 3
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: Chrome Plated
Blade Type: Gillette MACH3
Handles: Resin
Bristle Load: Silvertip Badger


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