Crystal Glass Nail Files

SUNgienic Genuine Patented Czech Crystal Glass Manicure Pedicure Nail File with Blue Handle in Suede

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PLEASE NOTE: All glass files now come in suede cases which may differ slightly from the images.

This GERmanikure crystal glass file is handcrafted in the Czech Republic from thick Bohemian glass and specially formulated and tempered against breaking. Unlike thinner cheap imitations where the file may break or texture may eventually scrape patented filing surfaces of our files will not wear out and are guaranteed for life.

When exposed to UV/direct sunlight SUNgienic's permanent photocatalytic undergoes a microscopic reaction which reduces bacteria fungi and viruses. This new patent pending technology has not yet undergone FDA review and this statement was not approved by the FDA. You must comply with any applicable state laws and regulations regarding proper hygiene and sterilization procedures.

- In a study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague Czechia published in the November 15 2011 issue of the Journal of Hazardous Matter publication it was concluded that bacteria and other microorganisms on the antibacterial nail file surface were reduced by 99% after a one hour exposure time to bright UV/direct sunlight. - In 2014 the Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis cited research and issued a certificate confirming the photocatalytic action that takes place on the surface of the nail file over a one hour exposure which results in almost 100% bacterial removal at the end of this timeframe. This certificate also confirms that the titanium dioxide coated nail file product meets all safety requirements and is in no way harmful to the human organism.- Dr. Akira Fujishama President of the Tokyo University of Science and Director of Photocatalysis International Research Center recommended antibacterial nail files "as an example of useful application of a scientific advantage in nanotechnology and photocatalysis for everyday use in people's lives."

In addition to the UV disinfection properties the handle of this glass file is transparent and free of color which permits this file to be sterilized professionally in a high temperature autoclave as well as by other professional sterilization methods such as a chemical dip or steam sterilizer.

NOTE: UV disinfection is not an adequate substitute for sterilization. UV disinfection is intended to supplement established sterilization guidelines and regimens. Please consult applicable laws and regulations in your area for further details.

Material: Crystal Glass
Size: 5.50 inch
Handle Size: 0.50 inch
Color: Light Blue
Thickness: 3.10 mm