Toenail Nippers

TopInox® Stainless Steel Pedicure Barrel Spring Nippers by Niegeloh, Germany

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These remarkable fully handmade Niegeloh nippers are individually precisely ground sharpened assembled adjusted and tested by hand. The high quality "full jaw" on these nail nippers have specially angled concave cutting edges which allow for clean slightly curved cuts. To minimize friction and maximize alignment of cutting edges these nippers are held together with a screw joint. If after a while the nippers feel a bit loose the cutting edges can be realigned by tightening the screw slightly.
Strong durable stainless steel of the highest quality made by a Niegeloh patented process perfected by the craftsmen of Niegeloh from the best raw materials produces a impeccable rust-free steel that is the best on the market. Specially treated to harden and create corrosion rust and stain resistant tools that will provide you with a life times with outstanding service. For a more conservative yet chic look these nippers were finished in a flat brushed matte finish.
Care and cleaning:
This tool is 100% stainless steel and suited for professional autoclaving or chemical sterilization procedures. The TopInox® steel used in these nippers is specially treated for hardness corrosion resistance and long life. After cleaning ensure that this tool is thoroughly dried and not stored while damp or in a damp location. For protection against nicks and scratches we recommend storing the tool with the locking plate closed. Zamberg carries leather cases suitable for storage and travel use for this tool.

High quality personal steel grooming instruments made with impeccable quality & craftsmanship in Solingen Germany.
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Size: 5.50 inch
Jaw Length: 0.70 inch
Joint: Lap Joint